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Mike Handcock - Cutting edge business meets ancient wisdom & quantum physics

* Mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his Philanthropic endevours
* NZ Speaker of the Year 2014 (other National Awards in 2007, 2009 & 2011)
* Globally Certified Speaking Professional (1 of 25 selected from over 20,000 speakers worldwide)
* Award Winning Author of 13 Books, Musician with 11 albums and a No#1 hit & consistantly makes over $1M a year from speaking

Quantum Business Strategies - Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is a Quantum Business expert, professional conference presenter, globally renowned trainer, business innovation coach and the Founder and Chairman of Rock Your Life.  He is respected widely for transformational leadership training. He has spoken in over forty countries to over 250,000 people on the relationships between ancient wisdom and cutting edge technologies such as quantum physics relevant to leadership, motivation, sales and entrepreneurship.

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'Mike has the unique ability to get a sometimes diverse group of individuals working together for their mutual benefit. No one can come away from a Mike Handcock presentation without having learned a new skill.  I am happy to say that we are able to add our own off-shore conference to the many conferences Mike has attended to motivate delegates in an entertaining, motivating and thought-provoking way.'

Sandy Hazzard - General Manager, Professional Investment Services, Australia

The relationship between Quantum Physics & Business

Dr Michio Kaku

Based on the theories of quantum physics founded by Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox and others Mike Handcock has committed a lifetime to studying the relationship between business, ancient wisdom, music & science. What he has found makes him the key individual in the world who can share simple quantum techniques with business people, corporates and entrepreneurs on 'HOW to get somewhere FAST'

Teenagers don't wait for what they want. Why should multinationals and entrepreneurs. Mike Handcock is able to share in a keynote address, workshop training or several day event significant tips, strategies and actions to obtain objectives, improve careers, magnify wealth and enjoy doing it all. Mike Handcock bridges science, wisdom and universal laws with technology you will not find in any other speaker or presenter in the world, and he does it with fun and engagement for everyone. 

What is transformational leadership?

Mike is focussed on building the number one team of Transformational Leaders and Conscious Entrepreneurs through his talks. These individuals will become aware that they control their destiny, can contribute positively to social and environmental change on the planet and simply become leaders in their own lives and for their family, communities and employers.

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